Monday, November 28, 2011

Street style @ Barcelona

These days, with globalization, we can find everything, everywhere.. Anyway we still are an individual person and we can keep our individualism and make something different. During my trip to Barcelona I was collecting some street styles, I really enjoyed doing this work. All the people were really friendly and amenable with this research.

In my point of view ones own style is very important and reflects our personality and keep us different in this world.

Have a look at my photos. You can also see the photos on facebook page ;)

I would like to say again thank you to everybody and sorry for the ones I am not putting here, in the end there were too many to include all.

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  1. Gracias!!! Thank you very much!
    I'm Olga, the russian girl living in Bcn, the one in red dress and beige coat)

  2. Hi Olga!!!
    I know exactly who you are, you have one of my favorite styles :)
    You can find your photo also on facebook page.
    Thank you to take part on my blog.